If you've ever been to a football gathering, holiday party or just any kind of get together, there is a good chance that you've had a pinwheel. The pinwheel is a pretty popular appetizer, usually filled with cream cheese and black olives, but you can get pretty crazy with your ingredients. Today, we're making Bloody Halloween Pinwheels.
Tortilla Pinwheel Roll-up Appetizers
Tortilla Pinwheels


1 Pkg of tortillas, 1 pkg cream cheese and your favorite red jam/jelly


Set the cream cheese out so it can soften, once it is soft spread onto each tortilla, be sure to cover the entire surface of the tortilla, now spread a coat of your jam/jelly on top of the cream cheese. Roll the tortilla's and secure with plastic wrap, put them in the fridge to chill. While they are chilling take about a half of a cup of the jam/jelly and warm in a small saucepan till it thins and becomes syrupy. Now get the pinwheels from the fridge, cut into 1" pieces and set on a serving tray. Now drizzle the syrupy jam/jelly over the top of them and ta-dah! Bloody Halloween Pinwheels!