Most men would not pass a chance to eat an unlimited amount of meat and more of the red stuff than the "white" stuff we're always making them, cuz' it's healthier. Fathers Day almost requires that they get meat, check out this Fathers Day menu.



Start the day with sausage gravy and biscuits, I make the best but if you're going out they're pretty tasty at the Backporch

Then for lunch Dad has to have a big ole sandwich, we had this one a couple of years ago at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

D Dennison-TSM "Big Sandwich"

And lastly for dinner, well steak of course


There are far too many places in NOCO that make a dang good steak to mention, I'm sure that any one of them will satisfy, if not your own backyard.

With sausage gravy it's easier than it seems... brown your sausage, add 1 1/2 TBS of flour to the sausage grease (if there is a lot put some in a glass measuring cup till you know if you'll need it or not), make a paste with the fat and flour then add milk. If its too pasty add more milk, if its too runny, mix a little flour with milk and add to your gravy (secret ingredient: cayenne pepper)

Sandwiches, almost always cheaper to go out for a monster sandwich, treat yourself right

Steaks, sear those puppies on high lower temp and don't over cook them.

Happy Fathers Day! (by the way, Mothers Day was the inspiration for Fathers Day) :P