As mama get's up with the chickens and the little ones slumber away, the house fills with the warmth of Thanksgiving. For just a moment put the worry of a dry turkey and runny cranberries aside and remember to be thankful.

In crazy hectic times like these I like to stand on the landing of my stairs and look down into the kitchen and living room. I am so thankful the laughter. I am thankful for the little arguments I catch about who is suppose to be watching the pies or someone telling another not to eat so many snacks. Ashley will yell at Colton to save me some pickles and Natasha will protect Colton and Zachariah will just shake his head and tell them all to be quiet. I can see the cats scoping things out from the cat tree and Sam (our American Eskimo) getting in everyone's way with the hope of a treat. My James is sitting quietly in his recliner reading Mens Health or Newsweek. Or he has crept into his man cave and is playing the latest PC game he picked up last week. It's a nice rest for me for a moment and very warming to see the family, I do wish our Josh were home from Australia, but I guarantee that little Isabella will give us a run for our money.

Oh don't be fooled by that smile... she will most certainly have us all running in circles! But she is the spitting image of her daddy, so it will be like having him at our table, just hope she likes stuffing half as much as him.

After our big meal as I sit and regret my seconds and thirds... the kids will gather together and decorate the tree. I am so excited, I rearranged the living room earlier this week and can't wait to see the tree lit.

When I bow my head to give thanks this year, I will remember all that have fought for my freedom... for the kids that still enlist, for the soldiers that will not get to eat turkey, dry or otherwise with their families and I will give thanks to their loved ones for giving us such incredible people. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my life is better because of our soldiers sacrifices, still today when I see a soldier in uniform my heart thumps and I tear up.

I am thankful for great friends that know I can be a bit flaky and selfish. Thankful for co-workers that make my day at work more like a play date. For a boss that is just as flaky as I with a heart that doesn't take much to shine. I am thankful for everyone that listens to me on the radio and for the loyal listeners that include me in their day to day activities. I enjoy good health most days and have a great team of people that spoil me crazy... thank you James, kids, Selena, Amy, O'hanna and now Brandi! I can be quite pampered at times and I never want to take it for granted. Thank you to everyone in my life including Kama, Rochelle, Holly, Caitlin, Lisa, Jacki  and all the others that stand by me, support me and sit through my rambles.

I love my life and for all the joy in it I am grateful. Please take a moment this weekend and look past the obstacles that try to suck away your joy and breathe a breath of thanks.