In a hat, near a pond or on a moat, books are fun, make note!

I used to love to go to my cousins, Kim and Duane's house, as they had every Dr. Seuss book you could imagine. It was like they were the ambassadors for the Dr. Seuss book club. I was like a mouse at a cheese factory. (Uncle Dennis also had a Monte Carlo with swivel seats that was pretty cool, but I'll save that for another blog)

Reading a book to a child pays in smiles. They giggle and wiggle and dream of marshmallow clouds, all because you read aloud.

On this the day of Seuss, Doctor Seuss that is here are some fun Seuss facts.

  1. He wasn't a 'REAL' doctor and to think all these years he's been operating on four generations of funny bones.
  2. His first book was rejected by 27 publishers. ("And to think I saw it on Mulberry Street")
  3. He wrote and illustrated 44 children's books. (some records show 46)
  4. 'Yertle the Turtle' is about Hitler
  5. "The Cat in the Hat" came about to encourage children to read fun and exciting books. Dr. Seuss was challenged to write the book using the standard 250 words a child should know, he used 236.
  6. He had no children of his own.
  7. He was a supporter of Roosevelt and the New Deal.
  8. Although not big on coming right out and writing about issues of the world, he disguised his points of views in his stories. "The Lorax" (opening in theaters today) is about environmentalism and anti-consumerism and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" pokes fun at materialism. There are many more examples in a handful of other books he wrote.
  9. Dr. Seuss didn't much believe in productions using his book characters outside of the books, but after his death his wife approved a few works and after the ''The Cat in the Hat" movie starring Mike Meyers, she initially said there would be no more productions using Dr. Seuss characters. She apparently hated the movie "The Cat in the Hat".
  10. Hollywood rumors have a film of Dr. Seuss' life in the works starring Johnny Depp.