You're an at home mom, you love it 96% of the time, but when we go from full blown summer to days of rain, you could be left feeling a little overwhelmed. A few organized activities can change the pace of the day and save your sanity.


Please know first that I honor what you do, the struggles you face socially and financially, for raising your children at home with you. It is a tough job and not a lot of people can do it, especially with the job market and pay offered.


  • Make dancing raisins: pour a cup of water into a tall glass, add a TBS of baking soda, stir till dissolved then toss in 4-6 raisins... here comes the magic, slowly pour in 1/2 a TBS of white vinegar and now you have dancing raisins!
  • A seated scavenger hunt: (ie: this could be some quiet time for you) take one of your magazines and give your child a pencil and have them look for and circle about 10 items (that you know are in their)
  • Make a guitar: shoe box plus 6 rubber band and ta-dah! It's musical Heaven! It can get wild and paint it then cut a hole the size of a coffee cup on top. You'll need to tape the lid down and then add rubber bands. If you want it to look more like a guitar cut a hole in the side of the box and slide in a paper towel roll. It's time to make some music
  • The dollar store is a craft bonanza... stock up on mittens, buttons and the like and make puppets (if you don't want to use hot glue for things like the eyes (buttons) and such try using big blunt needles, like crochet hooks and sew them on)
  • Print some family pictures and let them make a scrapbook of their favorites. Take construction paper for the cover, printing paper (or more construction paper for the pages), make three holes along the left side of the "book" and tie the whole thing together with yard through each hole and let them lose with a glue stick (again all things you can get from a good dollar store)

If you have great indoor activities please feel free to share them, there are a lot of people just like you wondering what to do when it rains or any day.