I am so tired of reading in the news how shocked and disappointed people are with celebrities or athletes when they find they have a different opinion on issues than they do. Why should it matter? Do you really care if the guy you are watching on TV has the same religious beliefs or morals that you do? Do you ask you mechanic his views on abortion? Would you still do business with your lawyer if you knew they had an extramarital affair? You probably would say it was none of your business yet if it's a TV star or athlete you are appalled.

Why should they be held to a higher standard? We are all just imperfect humans with flaws and poor judgement from time to time. We need to think enough of ourselves and our lives and quit living through the "elite". There is nothing elite about them. They are just you and me with cooler jobs. Just because a guy can entertain you on TV doesn't mean you need to look to them for political or religious direction. They are not heroes spewing wisdom. You want heroes? Look at our men and women in uniform. Look at the single mom working 2 jobs and still somehow raising wonderful children on her own. You need insight and knowledge you can use? Talk to these folks. They are a lot more important than a person who makes duck calls or lives with a bunch of other "Bad Girls".

The world is now full of people who are famous for being on TV but not for having talent. Don't look for life's answers from a guy who catches a gator, look within your own community. We are surrounded by heroes every day who have more to offer than any TV personality. Let the entertainers entertain and quit expecting more than that. In the old days kings were entertained by jesters but rarely asked them about national security issues. Let the players play and keep your faith in yourself and your friends not in the folks on the cover of a magazine. They are no more important than your barista.