Music is one of the best ways to express your feelings, to relieve stress and to have a good time. Music has always been a part of my life, I share this with you as it is one musical moment that really brings me peace.

It's funny in a way that this song has found its way into my life. I had heard it before but really didn't absorb it the way it should be absorbed. My James found a copy that he liked last year and that started a whole family search for everyone's favorite. Hallelujah has been around for nearly 30 years and has been recorded by many artists.

Well Colton did the most extensive search in the family and he came up with a pretty nice version, I can't even remember now who sang it, it was a woman, relatively unknown, but beautiful. I started listening to Bon Jovi's version and fell in love with it. Jon Bon Jovi has recently lost one of his children and it just draws me closer to this song and the way he sings it. Okay, I know he isn't country, but everyone knows Bon Jovi, right? I love all sorts of music and hope that you too will enjoy this version of Hallelujah, my favorite.

Hallelujah sets me right, reminds me that it was wonderful to have the time with my Ashley and Colton that I did and although I will miss them till the end of my time, I am glad that they were born and were able to share so much love with me.

Merry Christmas!