It seems like everyone I know is going through a tough stretch lately. There seems to be more and more pressure and less and less happiness. I firmly believe happiness is a conscious decision but sometimes life puts so much in front of you that is hard to make that decision. I know I have had a rough stretch lately. My wife is leaving her job and looking for a new one because of the lack of joy in the workplace. I have had many professional friends throw in the towel because of increased work pressure. It seems like I have been trapped in the opposite of Disneyland.

I am very honest with you. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I have sat on the edge of my bed in tears trying to find the drive to get up and do my job more mornings than not lately. I hate that. That is not me and I don't like what I am letting the world do to me.

One thing that helps snap me out that funk is to realize that most others have it much worse. I may be an overweight diabetic who is struggling to accept the ways of corporate America with a wife looking for work and a daughter and grandson in my basement but I have much joy I need to focus on. I get to play with my grandson every day and see him grow. I get to spend time with my daughter and see her develop into a wonderful young mother and I get to help my wife look for the career that will bring her happiness.

Whenever you think you have it bad do this...imagine you and all the people you know had to put all your problems in piles then you had to choose one of the piles to carry with you. I believe most of us would pick our own pile. I know there are exceptions and some really have it miserable but most of us aren't nearly as bad off as we think we are.