It is what it is.  Drop down to your knickers and run for charity or as they say, put the hilarity in charity.

Cupid's Undie Run takes place in over 30 cities across the country on Valentine's Day weekend and has been featured in the USA Today, the Bloomberg Report, Yahoo, NBC, CNN, AP, the Washington News and many other media outlets.

The Denver run however will take place on Saturday, February 8th due to permit issues that couldn't be avoided. The party starts at Stoney's Bar & Grill (1111 Lincoln Street, Denver) at 12:00 PM. The actual run starts at 2:00 PM and then it's back to Stoney's for more fun till 4:00 PM.

The goal is to raise awareness and money for The Children’s Tumor Foundation, the world’s largest non-government organization dedicated to ending Neurofibromatosis (NF) through research.The nerve disorder can cause blindness, deafness, learning disabilities and severe chronic pain. There is currently no cure for NF.

Last year's Cupid events raised over $1.3 Million and they are hoping everyone reading this today will be a part of making the 2014 even the biggest yet. Start your own team, join an existing team, or just run solo and make some new friends. I had mentioned to one of the coordinators that no one wanted to see my in my underwear to which she quickly responded with,

You'd be surprised with our costumes, you can wear anything, get creative!  Well, PG-13 creative of course, it's for the kids after all - Amelia Zommer

As much as I agree that this looks like an extremely good time and a lot of fun for a GREAT cause, I would be doing everyone a bigger favor by just making a donation online and saving the retinas's of everyone in attendance.