Too funny... I love reading articles about relationships almost as much as I like writing them. Come inside with me and I will share the secrets of a marriage-less life.

I looked around to see if I could find the reason to a question I hear being asked a lot. I searched the internet, read magazines and sat on a park bench.

The following list of reason's why you are not married, well... are in jest-mostly. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let's have some fun.

Reason's why you aren't married:

  • You don't understand that an empty beer means he needs a new one.
  • You keep cutting your hair.
  • A sandwich isn't dinner
  • You don't appreciate his balloon pants.
  • You adopted your third cat.
  • You like broccoli
  • Once a month you can get crabby
  • You like to talk about your feelings
  • You think a bikini is too skimpy
  • You have a library card
  • You don't paint your toenails
  • You paint your toenails
  • You can eat more Mac n Cheese than him
  • You think a thong is something you wear on your feet
  • His feet stink
  • You won't cook ribs

Obviously, I could have missed some thing's, but you should get my point... you're not married because there is no because that you can put a finger on... love is simple and love is complicated... there are no answers that will get you to the alter and there are no reasons that have kept you from the alter... when its right, when he is right... it'll happen, that's all there is... there isn't a magic code or a secret club you missed out on-it is what it is and it will find you when you least expect it.