Fort Collins commuters, rejoice!  The road closure that's driven residents insane for the past month is re-opening early!

The Coloradoan reports that Prospect Road at the Mason corridor will open on Saturday, nearly a week ahead of schedule. (UPDATE:  As of Friday, April 5th, listeners report that Prospect is officially open again, a day earlier than predicted earlier this week!)

The road was closed March 4 because of how narrow it is at the tracks a bit west of College Avenue. Utility work was needed to make way for the MAX bus rapid transit system planned to ease movement between the city’s north and south ends.

I live on the South end of town, so this closure didn't affect me too much; but I've talked to plenty of listeners and friends who were ready to pull their hair out over this.  I even talked to someone at the gym who started riding her bike to work, since the road closure had doubled her morning commute!

Big thanks to our city road workers for doing such a great job!