A 10 year old in Minnesota went to work with his dad for the chance to meet the president and hopefully get an autograph...

President Obama was on  fundraising tour in Minnesota and Chicago. While in Minnesota he visited the Honeywell manufacturing plant. Ryan Sullivan, an employee at the plant took his son to work with him so that he could meet the president. Instead of just an autograph young Sullivan got a note from the president excusing him from class:

Mr. Ackerman- Please excuse Tyler…he was with me. – Barack Obama”

This got me thinking... who would you like to write a note for you... what country singer, actor or politician would you think it cool to get a school or work excuse from? I searched and searched my brain for the answer, the answer I would give... my number on would be President Abraham Lincoln... how cool would that have been?

Have you thought about yours? Scroll down to the comment section and tell me who you think it would be cool to get a note from.