President Obama was in Boulder yesterday to visit the University of Colorado campus.   He spoke to a packed Coors Events Center about student loans.  The Trip from the Boulder Municipal Airport to the CU campus was covered by a pool reporter from the Boulder Daily Camera, John Aguilar.  The amusing journey included a stop at a Boulder pizza restaurant, where he got yogurt spilled on his pants. Here is the play-by-play of the President's trip from the airport to CU:

The President Arrives

  • 5:48 - First chopper in the sky makes its appearance. Circles over tarmac at Boulder Municipal Airport. Obama expected to land here at any moment.
  • 5:57-Presidential motorcade has grown to about 20 vehicles, including an ambulance. Military chopper continues to circle Boulder Municipal Airport. Just shy of 6 p.m., no sign of the president's helicopter just yet.
  • 6:05- President Obama touches down at 6:05 p.m. at Boulder Municipal Airport with four other helicopters in tow or ahead, depending on which one he's in. Four are military double-rotor choppers and the fifth has a single rotor with United States of America printed on the side. A phalanx of suited men and women, rolling suitcases on wheels, exit the choppers swiftly and move across the tarmac to waiting vehicles in the motorcade. Getting ready to leave Boulder Municipal Airport.

The Drive to the University of Colorado

6:16 -We exit Boulder Municipal Airport. Hundreds of onlookers line the sides of Airport and Valmont roads as motorcade passes, waving and snapping photos. Going south on Foothills Parkway. Moving fast. Speedometer in press van reads 60 mph.

  • 6:20-As we fly down Colorado Avenue westbound, a man holds a red sign reading “No Attack on Iran” and another woman holding a purple sign reading “Frack No.” POTUS motorcade moves southbound on 28th Street, getting off onto Baseline.
  • 6:23-Motorcade passes over Broadway and heads up Baseline to Chautauqua area. Onlookers have petered out – perhaps this was not a planned route.

President Visits Sink Restaurant

  • 6:39-POTUS makes a surprise visit to the venerable Sink restaurant on University Hill. Gladhands local patrons as they eat burgers and fries.
  • 6:43-Hundreds of people are lined up behind police tape, as POTUS continues to mix and mingle with patrons inside the Sink. Secret Service has backed up his presidential vehicle to front door of pub.
  • 7:06-President Obama makes an unexpected stop at The Sink, a venerable pub on University Hill. He stops at tables and shakes hands and poses for pictures with unsuspecting patrons. To a woman who says she wants to open a cheese fries restaurant, Obama congratulates her and adds: “And it sounds so low-calorie also.”  “We'll be on the lookout,” he adds, shaking her hand.
  • After the president steps out of The Sink and on to 13th Street, he is greeted by hundreds of college students and others. One poor woman manages to spill her yogurt on the president's trousers.

There is actually a video of the yogurt spill courtesy of YouTube:

  • A young entrepreneur shows the president a ball that he can propel with a smartphone app he developed. “That's terrific,” Obama says, as he gives the game a try on the sidewalk. “Good luck to you guys.”
  • 7:30-President Obama leaves the excited crowd at 13th Street and University Avenue in Boulder with a pizza from The Sink in his hand. He leaves for the Coors Event Center to give his speech to a full house of 11,000.