I did everything I could to avoid President Obama's rally in Fort Collins yesterday! Well, at first we did.   My wife and I ended up right in the middle of the Obama traffic that buggered up the city and I-25.

We were in Old Town Fort Collins when they closed down College Avenue.  As you can see by the photo below, it became a ghost town. You will never see College during rush hour look that empty again...ever.  At first we thought we would drive around the closures and avoid it all together, but then got a wild hair that maybe we could catch a glimpse of the  motorcade and it might make a cool picture. That was a mistake.  He never came north on College, he went south. So, we missed him.

Or so we thought. We got into my truck and decided to drive south. We took Stover to Horsetooth so we could miss all the traffic. What we didn't know is that the president and his security detail were headed to the same spot.

The President spent the night at the Marriott on Horsetooth. We were right in the middle of the worst traffic in town. We were also right across the street from the Marriott, so we pulled into a parking lot and took a couple pictures.

So, we didn't get to actually see the president.  No biggee! Although it would have been kind a cool to get a good picture.  Our friend Rose Cordova got to meet President Obama.  Thanks for these pictures Rose: