The first thing that comes to mind when a teacher, more less a principal, gets sent home on an administrative leave is too messed up to say out loud. Hewever we're assured that the suspension of the principal at Traut Core Knowlegde School in Fort Collins has nothing to do with a child. 

As far as we know this afternoon Traut Core Knowledge School Principal, Mark Wortheimer has been sent home on an paid administrative leave. We also know that PSD spokeswoman Danielle Clark has confirmed that this is true.

We have also learned that this is not due to a negative act towards a child:

“It has nothing to do with a child or our other personnel issue,” she said. Human Resources Director Chuck DeWayne, the subject of questions from the community surrounding his involvement in coffee company Organo Gold

Wortheimer is in his 7th year at the Traut Core Knowledge School.