Robin Thick's 'Blurred Lines' is one of the biggest pop songs of the year and the singer has hinted that he would like to make a country album, among other things. I doubt this is what Thick's idea of country would sound like, but it's an interesting take on the song. Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox has given a little 'bluegrass barn dance' twang to 'Blurred Lines.'

Postmodern Jukebox is no one-trick-pony either, they have quite a few tunes like this, where they take a song and cover it in a completely different genre.  (Check out their do-wop take on Miley Cyrus or the motown version of Katy Perry.) Here is what Scott Bradley said about music on their website:

My goal with Postmodern Jukebox is to get my audience to think of songs not as rigid, ephemeral objects, but like malleable globs of silly putty. Songs can be twisted, shaped, and altered without losing their identities–just as we grow, age, and expire without losing ours–and it is through this exploration that the gap between “high” and “low” art can be bridged most readily.

Well said, and well done, if you ask me. I think I may have a new addition to my YouTube favorites!

You want to hear more don't you? Yeah...Me too. Here's their versions of Ke$ha gone country: