There was some scary news coming out of west Fort Collins today, the Coloradoan reported that police had blocked off streets near the 800 block of Tyler Street because a man was suspected of holding a woman and two children hostage in one of the homes there.

Now the good news; police were able to safely help the hostages escape and arrest the man holding them against their will just before 4PM.

According to the Coloradoan, police responded to a domestic disturbance just before 1PM and the SWAT Team was called in and surrounded the house.

The hostages were held for close to three hours, but the latest report from the Coloradoan say that police were able to end the standoff without any bloodshed.

[Police] used a diversionary device — a flashbang — to disorient a male suspect who allegedly kept the woman and children in the house against their will.


The woman was able to escape the house with an infant, while police rescued a toddler and took the suspect into custody. Police have not yet released the suspect’s identity.

Thankfully this was over relatively quickly, and it appears no one was hurt. I was watching the Twitter feeds of local news media and emergency responders and was bracing for a long, scary afternoon of updates. So, the fact that the standoff is already over is very welcome news.

Picture by jayneandd, Flickr.