As the weather continues to warm and the sun sets later and later, we get the itch. The itch to get out and enjoy this beautiful state we call Colorado. Fishing, boating and hiking. Okay, some could argue that fishing can happen anytime, especially if you're a diehard fisherman, but there's something magical about sunset fishing after a hard day's work (with temperatures above freezing). Hiking is similar to fishing in that you can do it year round, but some trails are just not accessible in the winter months. Spring opens the door for new hiking adventures, but this year, one very popular trail, Young Gulch Trail, will not be opening this year.

D Dennison Northern Colorado Fires

Destroyed twice by fires and floods, Young Gulch Trail is just too badly damaged to risk opening to the public this year. The popular trail along Colorado 14 west of Fort Collins reopened briefly after the Highland Park Fire in 2012 only to be damaged even further by the 2013 floods.

According to the Coloradoan, the Forest Service will spend the rest of the year assessing the trail and whether or not to reopen it at all, stating that parts of the trail are simply gone. Essentially, the Forest Service will have to evaluate the area and make a decision whether or not to rebuild the trail.

In addition to Young Gulch Trail, as stated in the Coloradoan, other trails could negatively be affected by the upcoming spring runoff.

[Source: Coloradoan]