I have a friend who works in a police station, and in the past he's mentioned to me that a ton of people get busted for not wearing their seat belts.  I didn't realize until now that he wasn't exaggerating!

According to a press release from CDOT, Colorado police issued 9,327 tickets for seat belt violations during the "Click-It-Or-Ticket" campaign, which ran from May 20th to June 2nd.

That's two weeks.  9,327 tickets in TWO WEEKS!

During the two-week enforcement period, 13 Colorado drivers and passengers died in crashes and eight of them were not wearing seat belts, according to preliminary information from the Colorado Department of Transportation. The minimum fine for not wearing a seat belt in Colorado is $65.  A citation for unrestrained children is $82 per violation.

[via CDOT press release]

I always wear my seat belt.  It's just an automatic part of driving for me.  I seriously don't even think about it; I just put it on automatically when I get into the car.

I knew a girl in college, though, who never wore hers.  She said it hurt her neck.  But I'm pretty sure dying would hurt worse.

So, be honest now...