Hey ladies, if you want french fries please just order them. This is one of the big frustrations in my simple little life. I have never understood the ways of the woman when it comes to.....well just about anything but ordering food is near the top of the list.

When you first start dating she will just order a salad or small sandwich and soup but you know she will stop for a few burritos on the way home. Please just be honest and order the food you want. We really don't care, we just don't want you grabbing ours. Every time I order I ask my wife what she wants and then say "are you sure that's all you want? You don't want any fries?" She will no doubt respond, "no, I will just have a few of yours." "The hell you will." is my usual response. I do not order 3/4 of a serving of fries. I want them all. If you want some, order them and if you can't finish them I can help you.

This goes for desserts too. I think this is just the way of the woman. Even if they don't order them just get them anyway because you know they want them. It is like around Christmas when she says not to get her anything this year. You know that if you don't you will be in deep doo even though she said not to. You have to figure out what she really means not what she says. This year for Christmas my wife told me not to get her anything. I am getting her a large order of fries.