I'm about to open a can of worms but I think Tim Tebow is being held back by his race. Why is it if a white quarterback runs all over and plays the position in a way other than the traditional drop back passer he is told he should be a running back or wide receiver? I look throughout the NFL and see teams and fans and owners all excited about this new mobile breed of quarterback. You constantly hear the praises of Cam Newton, Russel Wilson, RG3 and others and how they have changed the position and bring the "x" factor.

Tim Tebow has done the same thing when given the ball. Why won't anyone even give him a chance. He could be the same game breaker that these other guys are and change the game. He was 7-4 as a starter and played a stellar playoff game a season ago. I know he has some throwing issues but was improving. The Jets never let him see the light of day. If offenses can adjust and add a new element to the game plan I think it would be very successful. I cannot for the life of me figure out why he is not even given a chance. You can't tell me Jacksonville, Kansas City or Arizona are satisfied with their quarterback play. I have to ask..Is the race card being played on Tebow?