Do you remember what you learned in Geometry class? Do you remember
thinking, ‘When am I ever gonna need this?’ I just discovered how important
it is to know that stuff right here on the farm.

Most horse people work in a round pen or or have access to one. It’s where
we ‘communicate’ with our horse in a relatively small area. Mine is currently an
‘oval’ pen of 15 eight foot panels. MY mission: to make it round again. When I asked my husband ‘How do I find the distance half way thru the circle?’ Bob’s
reply was “Do you mean the diameter of the circumference? (rolling my eyes)
‘Yes, that’s what I mean’. THEN he started talking about ‘PI’…the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Finally, he calculated about 39 feet.

That’s when I fessed up, I’d not ever taken Geometry. instead I took Home Ec.
How’s that working out for me?