You may remember a few weeks back, I wrote an article about people freaking out because of a FAKE news story about Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning being arrested for getting "super high" and having an altercation with cops. This time, the story about Peyton Manning being arrested is NOT fake at all... 

One thing though, this isn't THAT Peyton Manning!

Although, when I first saw this story I freaked out too, because the Broncos quarterback is from Tennessee and all, it did make a little sense, but this is actually an 18-year-old chick.

Manning was originally pulled over in Nashville for driving with her brights on, but when the cops got closer they smelled something suspicious. The cops decided to take a closer look and found 44 grams of marijuana, two baggies of cocaine, a scale and text messages indicating her and her companion were drug dealers... BUSTED!!

To make matters worse, the incident happened within 1,000 feet of a church so both have felony charges for possessing drugs in a drug-free zone.

I must say this Manning has one thing going for her... She looks way hotter in orange (as you can see in the below video) than the other version.