Piglet Larimer Humane Society.  If you’re looking for a fun-loving, active sidekick, Piglet is quite the character! Piglet is a 10-month-old, male Pit Bull mix classified as a “Go-getter” in the Meet Your Match program. He’s an outdoorsy guy with tons of energy who would make a great addition to your adventures. If you’re looking for a companion for your active life, come meet Piglet at the shelter and take him home for $100 today.


Blue Bonnet Larimer Humane Society. Looking for a confident cat to complete your family? Blue Bonnet is an 8-year-old, female Domestic Shorthair cat classified as a “Leader of the Band” in the Meet your Match program. Just like any lead singer, she‘s not shy and loves to be the center of attention. Blue Bonnet also has a sweet, affectionate side, especially to those who adore her. If you’re looking for a companion with an outgoing personality, Blue Bonnet can be yours for $25 at the shelter today.
Stormy Larimer Humane Society.  Come by the shelter and meet Stormy, a 3-month-old, male Domestic Shorthair kitten. Stormy loves to play and explore, and is curious about the world around him. It will be nothing but clear skies ahead with this loveable feline. If you’re looking for a barrel of laughs and a bundle of energy, Stormy can be yours for $125 today.
Farley Larimer Humane Society.  People come from far and wide to meet Farley. This funny fella sees the world through rose-colored glasses. There’s fun and entertainment around every corner. Farley is a 7-year-old, male chocolate Labrador Retriever classified as a “Goofball” in the Meet Your Match program. He’s a quirky, glass-half-full kind of pup who needs a buddy to share life’s many joys with. Come meet Farley at the shelter and take him home for $100 today.


Bartholomew Larimer Humane Society.  Meet Bartholomew, a sophisticated chap looking for a lustrous yard to call his own. Bartholomew is a 1-year-old, male Pygmy goat who’s easy to please. Give him room to roam and plenty of fresh water and he’ll be the perfect, independent companion to add to your family. Visit Bartholomew at the shelter today – he can be yours for $55.


Buddy Larimer Humane Society.  Are you looking for a new buddy? We have the perfect feline for you. Buddy is a 4-year-old, male Domestic Shorthair with an affinity for nap time. Classified as a “Secret Admirer” in the Meet Your Match program, Buddy will fall in love fast but takes a little while to let his feelings show. Once he’s ready for true love, he’ll shower you with affection. Visit Buddy at the shelter and give him a new home for $25 today.

Adoptable Animals

To visit with these featured pets or any other adoptable animals, stop by Larimer Humane Society at 6317 Kyle Avenue in Ft. Collins. The shelter is open from 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. For more info, call (970) 226-3647 or visit larimerhumane.org.