When it comes to parenting, some get it and others not so much. It's easy to tell when you run into kids who have parents in their lives who care, it shows. When you see young kids standing at attention, in the middle of playtime, you know the parents are doing it right.

The picture you see is of two young men who's family is stationed at a base in Albuquerque NM. Everyday, at 5:00 PM, colors are presented and/or the National Anthem plays across every military base in the country. Those on base are expected to show their respect to the U.S.Flag, and even the youngest will stop dead in their tracks to stand at attention, as you'll see in the playground video below.

What is most impressive about these two young men was they even had the presence of mind to remove their helmets. Bravo parents...You're doing it right!

Of course most of us don't live on a military base but it doesn't mean we shouldn't drop whatever we are doing and show our respect anytime the flag is presented.  I see it constantly in all the military rides I do, parades etc.; you can tell when our flags roll past who it means the most to.  Many have died for our flag, the least we can do is show our respect when it comes by and/or colors are presented in any way,shape or form.