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Bicyclist Struck in Hit and Run in Windsor
A 64 year old man was struck by a vehicle in Windsor this morning around 5:45 a.m. The incident happened at the intersection of 1st Street and Garden drive. The driver of the vehicle did not remain at the scene of the accident and the vicimt was taken to Medical Center of the rockies with non-life t…
How My Viking Purple Blood Got an Orange Tint to It
Let's be very clear about something to begin with..I am a huge Denver Bronco fan. I love the Broncos and will cheer for them every week unless they play my Minnesota Vikings. I cheer for Denver and have adopted them as my second favorite team without question but when you are born and raised in…
Take the Take2 Pledge!
Take TWO simple steps make a BIG difference:
#1 - Switch out your home’s four “most used “lights to LED’s
#2 - Make one trip a week car-free

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