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The Only Sears Department Store in Northern Colorado to Close
Sears Holding Co. has made an announcement that the only Sears department located in Northern Colorado will be closing their doors soon.
Sears Holding Co. has decided to close 45 Kmart and 18 Sears stores nationwide. The Greeley Sears location at the Greeley Mall will start their liquidation sale sta…
Thieves are Stealing Garden Gnomes in Longmont
Ok, this is simply a weird story. Someone or a group of people are stealing garden gnomes from people's property in Longmont.
According to the Denver Post, Longmont PD has received several calls about random gnome thefts! See, I told you this was a weird story...
A Great Idea: Keep Windsor Warm Trees
Main Street in Windsor is where our studios are located. Nestled in between 6th and 7th Street is our next door neighbor with two trees in front of the property right next to the sidewalk. Over the past few days, things have been attached to the trees with a sign...

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