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Colorado Tax for Plastic Bags Doesn’t Pass
If you were anxious about the 25 per trip bag tax that would have been implemented on plastic bags, here is some news for you. The bill that would have taxed customers for using plastic grocery bags at stores is no longer. This bill would have used the tax dollars collected to help fund affordable h…
How Does Northern Colorado Eat Their String Cheese [POLL]
As a lover of string cheese, I have to know... How do you eat your string cheese?
Are you more of a stringer when it comes to delicious string cheese or are you more of a no frills type of person that CANNOT be bothered by stringing a piece of string cheese and simply bite into it...
The Denver Zoo Welcomes Baby Sloth
Birth watch is over at the Denver Zoo as a newborn baby sloth is welcomed into the world! The Linne's two toes baby sloth was born on Sunday according to the Denver Zoo officials
It was announced last month that Charlotte Greenie, a 21 year old sloth, was pregnant and was expecting a baby anytim…

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