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Someone Hardcore Trolled Loveland on April Fools
April Fools day is a day where you are skeptical on everything you see and hear. Why? Because everyone is a jokester that that day. It's really the only day where I am kind of disappointed I don't get pranked. Someone took it upon themselves to totally troll Loveland residents and anyone w…
Did You Know There are Tarantulas in Colorado
I did not know this... I knew that they were in the southwestern part of the United States, but had no clue that there are giant arachnids in our state! My wife is petrified of spiders and I find it mildly comical how hysterical she gets when even the topic of spiders come up...
Stanley Hotel Re-creating Titanic’s Last Dinner
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a first class dinner on the Titanic? Now, you don't have to as the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park will host a recreated version of the last dinner that was had on the ship.
The final ten course menu before the ship's demise will include…
Review: Gilded Goat Brewing Company
I don't think the big challenge when designing your new brewery is making good beer. It has to be standing out in a sea of breweries! This one definitely does that.
A Massive BBQ Festival is Coming to Colorado
If you like your meat smoked, listen up... There is a MASSIVE BBQ festival coming to Colorado this summer! Mile High Stadium will host the huge Denver BBQ Festival on Father's Day weekend (June 15-17th).
Ribs, pork, brisket and all of the meaty goodness you can handle will be a dream come true f…

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