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Some Words that were Born the Same Year as I Was… And Yours, Too
Agony aunt, ATM, blood & guts, colonography, domestic partner, garbology, misery index, smashmouth, and sub woofer, are now some words that make me a little more honored to have been born the year I was.
What a great use of the Internet by Merriam Webster:  This website that lets you see…
More Closures Coming for Highway 34
Just when you thought Highway 34 was open for good, CDOT announced that intermittent closures will happen on the highway over the next few weeks.
U.S. Highway 34 will be totally closed overnight for a couple of days as crews will be working on replacing four resident access bridges...
Colorado’s Most Misspelled Word
When you are looking for a job, you submit an application or a resume. If you submit as resume, you might want to make sure that the most misspelled word in Colorado is correct... Because it might be the one thing that could make you lose out on the job...

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