As we get ready for Josh Kelley and Clint Black tonight, the concerts always tops our list of the best thing at the K99 Concerts at the Greeley Stampede, but there is just something about food at here, so the Food Court has to be our 2nd favorite thing here. We have seen many in the Food Court with their favorites and strolling through the grounds and K99 DJ's have been spotted enjoying ice-cold, fresh-squeezed Lemonade, Turkey Legs, Bratwursts, Funnel Cakes, but we'd have to say that our #1 pick for food is Chicken On A Stick! Yes, it's fresh, boneless, juicy, chicken on a stick cooked in amazing mouth-watering seasonings from a vendor out of Texas. It's flavored perfectly to eat right of the stick but, add a side of the homemade Honey Mustard, and most call it perfection.

Check out a photo gallery of a few of our favorites in the Food Court, and Todd Harding enjoying one of his favorites.

Some of our favorite quotes heard in the Food Court:

-Any kind of carnival food is messy, but yummy!

-No matter how you cook a Bratwurst, you can't get a bad one!

K99 Concerts at the Greeley Stampede: Friday, June 24th – Saturday, July 2nd, 8:30pm, Greeley Stampede Arena, Island Grove Park, 600 North 14th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado. Tickets: $22 – $29.