I am so lucky to be married to my bride Kyla. She is fun every day and I still can't wait to get home and hang out with her each day. My grandsons are so lucky that they get to be with Gramma full time. There is nothing like the love of a grandmother and they get to feel that every day. They wake up and run up the stairs to have breakfast with her and start their day feeling loved and fed.

Brian Gary, TSM

This one picture that I posted just sums up why I love my wife. She is cute and she is fun and always full of surprises. I can in from the garage yesterday and this is what was there hanging out in the kitchen. My wife and daughter had taken the boys to Disney on Ice at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland the other night and of course Kyla and the boys all got "Frozen" hats and there she was just wearing it around the house. I just melted when I came in and saw her with that thing on. It made me smile and made me realize how lucky I am. Thank you for keeping my world fun and full of smiles. We are all so blessed to have you.