When you go to gamble in our historic mining towns, you don’t necessarily think that you’ll be gambling with your life. However, on Tuesday, a man was found dead due to a gunshot wound at the Isle Casino Hotel in Black Hawk.

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Gilpin County police have arrested Colleen Marie Loris for suspected 2nd degree murder in the death of 26 year-old Tony Velasquez of Thornton.


Information is still limited at this time, but ABC 7 reported that early Tuesday (6/10/14) morning (5:57am) a man was found fatally shot within a hotel room at the Isle Casino Hotel in Black Hawk.

From Channel 7:

"The occupants in the room at the time of the shooting are currently being interviewed by police," Black Hawk authorities said in a statement sent to 7NEWS.

'Occupants". A game of Russian Roulette?  I bad drug deal?  Suicide?

No other patrons staying at the hotel were injured in this isolated incident.

The Colorado Department of Investigations is involved with the case.