One of the reasons I love my job is that I get a chance to see the good people have inside of them. We host many events for organizations that help people and we get to feel the giving nature people have inside. There is a lot of beauty out there and working in the public eye gives me a chance to see things that not everyone gets a chance to see. I want to share an email I got this weekend that tore me up and made me cry a beautiful cry. It shows that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places.

"Hi Susan and Brian!

             My name is Kat, and I wanted to say Thank You for being up bright and early on your Saturday to help with the Yard Sale. I had a moment I just have to share that I know will touch you both. Brian I am sorry it’s a horse story but I think you might like it. I am the gal you met who came thru early with two pickup truck loads of things. Susan I teased you about finding you your next pony, I was the lady with the fancy homemade wooden rocking horse in the back.
            In the truck I had a second wooden rocking horse, a smaller wooden plain jane one. He is what you might call bomb proof, durable, no frills, no mane just a single braid of rope up his neckline. Kids have put a lot of million miles on that old pony around our place. I brought him along on a lark, thought maybe it was time he found a new ranch to play on.  All day long Saturday while parents came and  looked at the fancy rocking  pony, behind them the kids would jump onto this old wooden one and ride him around my booth.
         At the end of the day though, the old pony did not sell. So I loaded up my truck Jed Clampett style, pony on the top of the heap, then stopped to say bye to my booth neighbors. When I walked back to the truck a young couple with a stroller are standing there talking. The man turns to me, asks would I mind? The pony on the top could they see it? I was tired, dirty,  sunburned and had been ten seconds from leaving, but I would NEVER EVER begrudge a good CHILD and HORSE bonding moment! So with his help (seriously it took 2 of us to reach him!) I crawled up and handed the pony down. The guys says oh, he’s old with lots of miles, he has character! This will be perfect.
         The man turned to his wife and the little boy in the stroller. I had not really noticed them until that moment. She unbuckles the little guy and explains to me that he is three, and that this will be a new experience for him. What she did not have to say was the obvious, this little one was disabled. He was totally blind.
         Gently they placed the little boy onto that old pony. They let him sit for a moment, help him settle in and give the pony a nudge. That little boy began to rock ever so slowly, and then he lifted up his head and looked at us with what was the most honest and sincere sense of true wonder and amazement I think I will ever see in my life. He could not see excitement, but he could feel it! He was loving it!
          The Dad turns to me, says perfect! And he handed me the money. Then they turn and leave with the pony and the little boy, chattering happily as they went on their way. Honestly, I got into my truck and cried all the way home and have tears right now. I would gladly have just given that old pony to them, I would have
given them 
anything just to share that moment of true wonder with that little boy. In my heart I know exactly what George Strait means... I Saw God Today!"