An Old Town Fort Collins bar has been shut down for good by city officials. ‘Wall Street’ (Located at at 214 Linden St.) was temporarily shut down on May 12th after a surprise inspection, and today the city revoked their liquor license.

According to The Coloradoan,

City officials have permanently shut down the troubled Old Town Fort Collins bar Wall Street after police discovered that the man who said he owned it was no longer in charge — and that it was being run by a previous owner’s mother.

City Judge Kathleen Lane on Wednesday revoked the bar’s liquor license after police said they also found drunken patrons, unattended alcohol and other problems during a surprise inspection.

The same building has been occupied by a number of establishments in the past including; Sports Exchange, Hamilton’s, The Black Oak, Connor O’Neil’s, and Linden’s.

With the track record of bars shutting their doors, I’d opt for some other kind of business filling that spot next. But that’s just me. I’m sure someone will have a new bar opened up there before the end of the year.

Are you going to miss Wall Street?

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