The great hit from Jana Kramer, "Why Ya Wanna" says it all.

I've probably shared this with you before, but today it means even more to me. No, I don't have any old boyfriends showing up at my favorite hang outs. It was Ashley's favorite song, we used to sing it in the car so loudly that Colton would shrink behind the seat so no one could see him. "You guys are so embarrassing"

Okay so once we get past the awe, kid thing... how about the song itself... how great and true is it? I bet since this song has come out you have run into an ex at least once and thought of the song-oh come on, your current boyfriend isn't here, be honest. :)

And what is it about ex's, why are we always so much more desirable after they leave us on the curb? Want what you don't have, not want what you have... this can drive a girl insane.

I hope that you enjoy the song, the video and life... go get 'em and always have fun. Oh, and if he comes around, don't forget yesterday and move forward.