I love my country and I love to show my American pride which is why this story makes me steam with anger. There is a kindergarten school principal at PS 90 school in Coney Island New York that will not allow the graduating class to sing God Bless The USA. Principal Greta Hawkins walked in during rehearsal and ordered them to take out the CD and not perform the song. She says "We don't want to offend other cultures". Really?!? Well Greta, you just offended mine.

We should all be proud to be Americans and encourage our kids to feel patriotism as well.  This bonehead not only refused to let them sing God Bless The USA but has had them sing Justin Bieber's "Baby" instead. Are you kidding me? I am outraged. What culture is offended by singing our anthem. If they are in our school system they should be proud to be an American period.

If you are outraged as I am, feel free to write a letter. I hope the mailbox gets filled up with from our Colorado patriots.

Greta Hawkins

Edna Cohen School Ps 90

2840 West 12th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11224