The thought of my popcorn having a nutritional label opens up so many issues I have concerning the weight of our nation. Where has the accountability gone? I have tolerated warning labels on a hot cup of coffee telling me its hot and have even embraced the 100 calorie snack packs for my kids, but nutritional labels now on my movie snacks?I instantly want to go on a rant regarding our choices to buy the popcorn... "would you like butter on your popcorn"? YES!

Our choices! We aren't at the salad bar and regardless of our knowledge of the true nutritional values of buttered popcorn we know it isn't the best dietary choice we could make. Truth is, when we are at the movie, we don't really care, its a conscious decision to order the popcorn, buttered in a extra big tub. After all, its only 75 cents more to order it that way. Now our decision to buy and eat the Milk Duds for only a dollar more may be a whole other blog.  The bottom line is, when did the decision on what we eat become someone else' rule? Instead of forcing theaters to put nutritional labels on our movie snacks why not offer

other choices like some fast food restaurants have started to do? Why not sell tubs of celery? (with sides of ranch) Realistically, we know that a tub of buttered popcorn is outrageous fattening... saturated fats, calories and so on. It's not celery, we get that and a lot of people eat more conservatively when they know they are going to the movies so they can indulge. Most people I know these days are very aware of their diet and what they consume. Is it really up to 'big brother to keep tabs on us like this. Are we really so irresponsible that we can't make our own popcorn/celery choices? I know what you just said, "D, have you seen the obesity numbers for this country"? I know that we are out of control and that saying no or leaving food on our plate is a huge issue, but its like the teach a man to fish verses give him a fish tale.  And quite frankly, do labels really work to teach us anything? Cigarettes have had warning labels on them since 1966 according to I have never been super thin nor have I been grossly overweight, but I have been mostly healthy, watch what I eat (making conscious decisions occasionally to have the buttered popcorn or a greasy burger) and I routinely exercise. In addition to the latter, I teach my children to do the same. I feel that I am actively accountable for my calorie consumption and choices and rarely read any labels just apply common sense.

My ranting was sparked by an article my husband actually forwarded me yesterday. The headline read,

Movie-chain operators are currently fighting proposed federal nutrition disclosure rules on concession snacks, saying they're an unwarranted intrusion into their business.