If watching the Broncos stomp the New England Patriots is not your thing, you should check out "Stomp" tonight at the newly refurbished Lincoln Center.  Because of the Broncos' game, there are still tickets available for the show.  My wife and I saw the show last night and were pleasantly surprised.  What we didn't know going in was how how funny the show is.  I am not a big laugh out loud guy, but there were giggles, snorts, and big belly laughs throughout the show.

What is most amazing about "Stomp" is how absolutely anything can be turned into a musical instrument...and I do mean anything.  The cast uses everything from a plastic grocery sack, to a folding chair, to a mop,  to a matchbox, to the kitchen sink to make music.  Its thoroughly entertaining throughout.  It is a smorgasbord for the ears and eyes.  I found myself saying "How do they do that?" or "I never would have thought of playing that" all night long.  Wow! "Stomp" stamped an impression in my mind that will be there for a while.

So, if you don't give a rip about the Denver Broncos and are looking for great entertainment, look to the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins tonight. Tickets range from $44-$55.  Click here for Ticket Info!