It's not the kind of shower you'll undress for, please don't. :P But it should prove to be a refreshing one.

In the astronomical world scientists are very excited about the coming meteor shower. Although it isn't said to be one of the big ones, but the Lyrid meteor shower will put on an eye catching display.

The Lyrid meteor shower is an annual event and hit's its peak this weekend, in fact the best time to see it will be  just before dawn. The sunrise for tomorrow morning will be between 6:12am and 7:46am. With a clear sky and an absent moon Earth day is sure to glow.

NASA is pulling out all the stops for this event and will attempt to take satellite pictures of the meteors. They will also use a network of all-sky cameras from earth and from a student launched balloon in California.

The meteors appear to originate on the border of Lyra and Hercules.

Remember, showtime will be around 4am, approximately.

My disclaimer: the show is said to happen in the wee hours before the sunrise and our sunrise begins at 6:12am, so I am essentially guessing we should see something around 4am.