Not all of 2013 was rainbows and unicorns here in NoCO.  Disappointment frequently struck as several of our favorite restaurants closed their doors, and never opened them again.  So let's take a moment to acknowledge our dearly departed eateries, and remember the good times we had with them.

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    Beach House Grill in Fort Collins

    Closed in January

    I was sad to see this place go.  My wife and I went there a lot, even if it was just for drinks and appetizers. They had a salsa that was so spicy, you had to mix it with queso just to make it palatable.  It was delicious...

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    The Armadillo in Fort Collins

    Closed in January

    Sure, the Armadillo was kind of a dive, and the service wasn't that great, and most of the time it smelled kinda weird; but despite all that, I haven't been able to find a better stuffed sopapilla since this place closed.

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    McCoy's Morning Glory in Fort Collins

    Closed in January

    That's right, three restaurants closed within the first month of 2013.  Heck of a way to start the year.  I never ate at McCoy's, but I heard good things.  When we first shared this story, listeners were definitely sad to see this place go.

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    Schmidt’s Bakery and Delicatessen in Loveland

    Closed in January

    Wow, make that FOUR closures in one month.  What was it about January that was so bad for restaurants?  Loveland residents really felt the loss of Schmidt's, after the popular deli was seized by the government for owing tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes.

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    Black Eyed Pea in Fort Collins

    Closed in March

    Fort Collins folks looking for hometown cooking had to find somewhere else to get their fix, after Black Eyed Pea lost its lease on South College Ave.  I've only eaten at a Black Eyed Pea a few times in my life, but I remember liking it every time.  It's too bad this one had to close.
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    Dempsey's in Fort Collins

    Closed in June

    Dempsey's had been open for several years in a great Old Town location, before closing last Summer.  The owners said the MAX Transit construction had a lot to do with it.  D'Vine bistro has since moved into the space, and appears to be dong well.

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    Nordy's Bar-B-Que and Grill

    Closed in July

    I only made it to Nordy's Fort Collins location once before it closed.  My wife and I went for the lunch buffet, and I remember it being pretty good.  Good, but not great.  Either way, Old Town is still hard-pressed for a decent BBQ place in Nordy's absence.

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    Sanford’s Pub and Grub in Fort Collins

    Closed in September

    When I first ate at Sanford's, I remember really liking it (the penny beers definitely helped); but every time I went back, it got progressively worse.  The last time I was there, it was downright bad.  So let's remember Sanford's in its glory days, before its unfortunate decline.

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    Jimmy C's Fish & Chips in Fort Collins

    Closed in December

    The most recent loss for the Fort Collins restaurant scene is someplace I really regret not trying.  Many people (including my wife, who lived in London) told me these were the most authentic fish & chips around.  I'm definitely sorry I missed out on this one.

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