Yesterday was just an amazing day. If you saw the Honor Flight send-off for our local Veterans then you know what I'm talking about. Wow!

You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to send off our local Veterans to Washington D.C. via Honor Flight Northern Colorado to see the war memorial built in their honor. If you are not familiar with Honor Flight, please take a minute to watch their promotional video below.

Colorado Patriot Guard Flag Line at Embassy Suites in Loveland for the Honor Flight Northern Colorado escort to DIA on 4 May 2014 - Photo by Matt Voris

The Patriot Guard Riders of Colorado once again outdid themselves with a flag-line of 50+ set by 0630 to welcome the Veterans to the Embassy Suites in Loveland for breakfast and the official send-off. The motorcycle escort, led by the Patriot Guard Riders of Colorado, consisted of 115 motorcycles. It was one of the most incredible escorts I have been a part of and stretched for about 1.5 miles. I have seen a lot of Honor Flight escorts from all over the country and I may be wrong, but there is no bigger, better escort than right here in Northern Colorado; a fine example of what every Honor Flight hub should be doing.

Colorado - You're doing it right!

The Veterans are on their way home now and plans are in the works for the Fall Honor Flight which will be the 13th for Northern Colorado. If you haven't heard, I am doing a major endurance ride to raise money for that very flight. My promise to Honor Flight was $10K which I have already raised but my personal goal was $50K but won't make it without your help obviously.

If you have an undying respect for our Veterans and can spare a few bucks please do so. You can sponsor my ride at $1 a one mile or 1000.  Talk to your boss about making a company donation, talk with your CEO for a corporate donation, church and youth group bake sales or any group where you can pool your resources.  Come on Northern Colorado, let's do this. It cost a $1000 to send a Veteran on an Honor Flight from DIA so let's get 50 of them on that next flight.

If you are ready to donate and sponsor some miles, please click here, for all necessary information and instructions on how to help and I thank you in advance. If you have additional questions or comments you can email me directly: