A cute little Northern Colorado brewery finally found it's home (officially) and will be expanding beer production and events in the near future.

Until just recently, High Hops Brewery and its neighbor, The Windsor Gardener, in Windsor weren't actually in Windsor. See, they have actually been on the outskirts this whole time, refusing to join the town due to the improvements needed to comply with the town's codes, the Coloradoan reports.

Windsor offered a pretty sweet deal to the businesses, owned by Pat and Amanda Weakland, where they'll waive administrative fees for the expansion (amounting to around $50,000) and will refund sales and property taxes (not exceeding $400,000) for the rebate period, likely to last 10 years.

The expansion is planned to begin within the next few months and will allow High Hops to increase beer production and have a space for winter concerts and indoor events.