The list of Famous People from North Dakota is not very long.  It includes actors John Duhamel of the Transformers movies and Kellan Lutz of the Twilight Saga movies. Actress Angie Dickinson, singer Peggy Lee, and band leader Lawrence Welk are the names I recognized, so this is big news in my home state.

North Dakota is going to buy the boyhood home of Lawrence Welk, the maestro of “champagne music” and one of North Dakota’s most famous sons. The North Dakota State Historical Society voted to buy the Strasburg homestead from Mr. Welk’s nieces. The asking price was $125,000, but a sale price has not been negotiated. Mr. Welk died in 1992 at age 89.

I've driven by this farm many times on my way to Bottineau. It always reminded me of how
my family would gather around the TV on Saturday nights to watch the Lawrence Welk show in the 60's.  My two sisters and I dreamed of being 'The Lennon Sisters' even though we were one short of being a quartet.  I hope you enjoy this short video from the Lawrence Welk Show.


Source: New York Times