Downtown Development Authority     (fork with noodles)

Oh sure, we all giggled at the story about the missing noodles from a sculpture in downtown Greeley last month, but now Noodles & Co. is offering a reward in the case of the missing macaroni.

Anyone who comes forward with substantial information about the noodles missing from a fork sculpture in Downtown Greeley will be rewarded with a free noodle bowl every month for 10 years.

The noodles disappeared overnight several weeks ago from the fork sculpture, which sits on the 9th Street Plaza downtown. The sculpture, called “Say Cheese,” was valued at about $8,000.

On August 27th, Director of Downtown Experience, Alison Hamling said , Just to make lemonade out of lemons, I have decided that this week’s Friday Fest will also be “The Naked Fork Food Drive” and we will collect non-perishable foods, monetary donations, and yes, especially mac and cheese."