Take it from a girl that is tired of sitting on the floor, this is a great deal from Greeley Gallery  Furniture.

Long story short my Barley ( a beautiful domestic male brown tiger) decided to claw away at our furniture after the events of June 2012, I understand it was an emotional outbreak, but it ruined our furniture and we have recently gotten rid of every living room piece-no what. I believe that my James might be getting a bit anxious as we have been without living room furniture for about six months. He asks me once in awhile what I want to do with the living room and I just sigh... I have no idea, but after looking around at Greeley Gallery Furniture, I have some great ideas-what a great place for stuff to put in your spaces.

I don't know if I am suppose to tell you or not, but the current bid for a 15-hundred dollar spending spree at Greeley Gallery Furniture is at $600, $600!!!!! The bidding for this item closes in two weeks, get your bid in now!