I have been a parent in the Poudre School District for many years and can only softly remember once before hearing of a school closure the day before. (I did the math and it made me sound really really old, so I decided to stick with 'MANY' years)


The other night I had quite the chat going on my D Dennison Facebook page about PSD cancelling or not cancelling school Tuesday April 16, 2013. Most were pretty angry that the school district seemed to be sitting on their hands while we all watched our patio furniture get buried in snow wondering if they would call for a snow day. As it turned out they called for a two hour delay, again, that seemed to anger many parents and even high school students that drive.

Comments from Facebook:

  • "I think they should make the call tonight.... last thing anyone wants is to be woke up at 5:30 with phone calls.. kind of defeats the whole purpose to sleep in cause school in cancelled... at least that is my opinion lol"
  • "Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb!!! and thats putting it nicely!!!!"
  • When asked if no snow day was frustrating-"very frustrated, they shouldn't have had the high schooler's go in today, the rest of K thru 8th was already out, they took longer to get to school and to send them home just 2 hours later was stupid, should have just kept him home today with my other three boys."
  • "No PSD logic is never give a day off no matter what"

This is more of a statement that went somewhat viral on Facebook:


PSD had to have felt the pressure as they came out with a statement Tuesday:

Thank you for all your feedback about PSD's delayed start today. Some of you are wondering how closure/delayed start decisions (based on weather) are made in PSD. Here's a summary of the process:
When the district is anticipating snow or inclement weather, transportation begins traveling roads in and around Fort Collins at 1:00 a.m. Drivers give input to the Director of Transportation who discusses the situation with the Superintendent. Sometimes the Superintendent also confers with the city, county and CSU officials about road conditions. After all input is given, the Superintendent makes one of the following decisions:
1) Delay 2 hours (allows time for the sun to come up, for drivers to travel in daylight and time for street workers to continue plowing to make road conditions better.
2) Close completely
3) Open as usual
PSD tries to make this decision by 5:30 a.m. to allow for parents to plan for delayed start or closure. A phone call is sent to all parents and staff along with an email. Information is also posted on the PSD website and local media outlets are informed.
Today's decision: Based on a conference call with city, county and CSU officials, as well as transportation this morning, Dr. Wright decided that a delayed start was in the best interest of PSD’s 26,000+ students. We understand that some parents may disagree with this decision. Parents always retain the right to keep their child home from school (with an excused absence) if they feel it is not safe to travel.

-This can be found on the Poudre School District's Facebook Page

So if you hadn't gathered by my title, there is NO school for PSD students on Wednesday April 17, 2013.  To confirm from the PSD Website:

Alert Messages:
Wednesday, April 17

Due to inclement weather, all PSD schools will be closed. All before and after school activities are cancelled. BASE Camp is also closed.

Todas las escuelas del Distrito Escolar Poudre están cerradas el miercoles, debido al clima y/o la mala condición de las vías.