It's been a few years now since announcing that the 2014 Superbowl will be played in an outside venue on the East coast, New Jersey to be exact.  It's about time.  Football is a man's game and should not pander to warm climate venues only.

It's hard to believe, but this is the first time in the history of the NFL that a Superbowl has intentionally been played in a frigid and cold open stadium.  The reasons are just as you'd expect and it has nothing to do with the players, coaches or anyone actually associated with the game itself.  We all know those guys would play in a blizzard if that's what it took.

Football was meant to be played in the elements with blood on their pants, clumps of grass hanging from their face mask and hurling long balls in driving rainstorms and even snow.  We also know that Metlife stadium will be packed to capacity; ticket sales will be stronger than ever.  The true football fan and players could care less about the elements when it comes right down to it.

So as I see it, the only thing that matters is the halftime show and that is what the NFL is worried about.  The halftime show.  Ridiculous I say.  One suggestion is to hold the concert in an inside venue and stream it to the fans on big screen TV's.  Listen, if it's that cold at halftime, no one is going to care about a halftime show; they will bail for warmth before the 2nd half.  Those of us at home probably won't care that much either so go ahead and pre-tape it earlier in the week as another suggestion mentioned.

Stop whining.  Most of us really don't care about the halftime show anyway. The ONLY reason it started was because other TV networks were scheduling special programming during halftime so the NFL started hiring the biggest names in the industry and started to stage these big extravaganzas to keep people from leaving the network.  Honestly, I think they have all sucked; with the exception of Aerosmith and Brittney Spears a few years back.

The Superbowl is about the game and the commercials so let's make the halftime "show" something fun everyone would watch. Here are my suggestions:

  • Speed Ice Carving from the worlds top carvers
  • MLB snowball fight
  • Fan Toboggan races from the nosebleed section
  • Worlds largest snowman competition
  • Snowmobile races on a pre-constructed track around field