Tumbleweed Photography

Arizona, or Ari as we call her, has been with my horses and me for one month now.  Ari is
our guest as a foster mare from Denkai Animal Sanctuary.  Floss and her crew have
been exceptionally busy rescuing abandoned horses including Ari.  As a soon to be mom, she needed a place to feel at home and has risen to alpha mare.  My herd of 4 Arabian horses seems to know that Ari is special and needs my attention, too.

She loves to be groomed, have her tail washed, and while she apparently hadn't been handled a lot, she is doing well at letting me touch her everywhere.  I need to be a trusted friend to her so I can be near the new baby...when ever that happens.  You KNOW I'll keep you up to date on baby watch, now starting week 5.