I hate to travel, there are few things in this world I despise more than going on a trip. I hate the packing, the going to the airport, the going through the airport and then killing 3 hours until your flight actually boards, the sitting on the plane waiting for it to take off, the take off, the landing, basically everything about it.

I am claustrophobic, so I start going insane trapped in small areas, like an airplane, then when the person in the seat in front of you drops the seat back to relax and takes away some of that spacious 6 inches you had to start with sends me over the edge. I have been known to pound my head on the back of the seat in front of me and say loudly, "REALLY?!? Are you kidding me?". I am then usually kicked in the shin by my wife, who tends to kick me when my mouth stats going off, I have learned to wear shin guards and sometimes an entire set of catcher's gear when I go on a trip. Then there is finding your home away from home for the trip, your hotel room, your oasis on your journey. I love my home, I love my bed and I love my stuff. I worked very hard through the years to get my home and my stuff and leaving them is not something I like doing. I love MY bed and my comforts and the hotel is always uncomfortable. I always seem to get the bad room. I remember staying in Las Vegas years ago at New York New York, our room was up by the roller coaster which went around right outside our window so you could actually hear people screaming all day long on the ride, not the most relaxing situation.

When we went to Nashville for the CMA awards, we stayed at a place where we actually shared the free complimentary breakfast area with families of very active cockroaches. I knew this was not going to be the best of hotels so we even brought our own towels and I think the staff there stole them. I remember finding a mint on my pillow, which I thought was a nice touch until I noticed it had already been sucked on.

I am now booking a trip to San Francisco for our 25th wedding anniversary in a couple weeks, I am looking forward to seeing the big bridge and eat chocolate and sour dough bread and I have booked our "oasis" for the trip. I just hope the security system there doesn't keep me up all night with it's barking. Wish me luck on my relaxing getaway. I can't wait to get back home to my stuff and I haven't even left yet.