An art sculpture is finally on it's way to the I-25 and Hwy 34 interchange. The piece, called "Equinox," will be installed this September.

In November 2013, the Visual Arts Commission of Loveland chose artists, Jack Kreutzer, Doug Erion and Doug Rutledge to build, and install, a sculpture at I-25 and Hwy 34.

This weekend, one of the two 1300 pounds horses, were on full display at the Corn Roast Festival parade in downtown Loveland. The other pieces were still at the paint booth in Denver but the pair will be something to look at here in just a short time.

I think it's a great work of art and a far cry from the evil, eye glowing Bronco, that welcomes everyone to DIA!  What do you think?  Do you like the new piece, or not.